Big Plate Chicken


This is a type of chicken stew originated in Xinjiang, China.

The main ingredients are chicken, bell peppers and potatoes, cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, chili peppers, ground cumin, star anise, ground Sichuan peppers, cooking oil, also optionally soy sauce and beer.

The chicken is cut into bite size pieces (usually with bone in), sautéed with spices and coarsely chopped vegetables, and simmered in broth, providing a savory and spicy casserole-like dish. It is usually served with latiaozi (hand stretched noodles) or ramen, and shared by family and friends in a communal manner.


Tian Shan: The Heaven Mountains


I took the local truck, winding up the enormous mountains which divide Xinjiang Province into the northern and the southern regions. The hot air was suddenly pushed back at this area. July clouds and the cedars gathered silently in the valley. Clear and thick wind deeply held my breath. The cattle rest themselves on the endless grassland, just like some white flowers weaved onto a huge green robe.